Internal Inspection of Shell Form Westinghouse 30MVA Arc Furnace Transformer. Included new gaskets on all tank connections, replaced loose blocking, testing, rewiring tap changer control, and vacuum filling with new oil.




Transformer was taken apart and prepared for shipment at a facility – primary bushings removed – secondary bushings protected for truck shipment – supervised rigging and load out.




IET trailer parked by transformer that was being serviced. A raccoon had climbed up on the top of the unit and caused a flash over destroying all the primary and secondary bushings. We replaced all the bushings, removed the radiators and replaced all flange gaskets as the unit had numerous leaks, then vacuum filled, tested and returned to service.








Tamani Arc Furnace Transformer Secondary Bus
Prepared for testing. Secondary bushing insulation was found to be loose and leaking oil. We were able to tighten up the seals and stop the oil flow.



FOW Heat Exchanger was removed for ship out by IET. Oil cavity was flushed and water tubes chemically cleaned, then pressure tested by others. IET reinstalled unit on transformer when cleaning was completed.




GE Unit — Leak checking due to headspace gas problems. Leaks were repaired and unit was tested and returned to service.





100MVA Auto Transformer — Spare Unit at a Utility Sub. Our project was to lower the oil level, install primary and secondary bushings, perform a complete battery of tests including auxiliary devices, drain the unit completely, remove the bushings and radiators, apply dry air and ready for rail shipment.

This unit was located in Pennsylvania and slated to move to a wind farm in the South Dakota originally by truck but due to problems with inaccurate nameplate data, had to go by rail.

Primary bushing mount with some slight damage to current transformer.

Smaller unit at a Steel Mill with secondary bushing leaks.

138kv Bushing on a utility transformer that was found with a leaky tap gasket allowing moisture to condense in the chamber leading to significant corrosion. Left undetected, the bushing would have failed.