We perform service on the often overlooked auxiliary equipment that is very critical to transformer operation. This includes field testing of the contacts in Liquid Level Gages, pressure testing of Sudden Pressure Relays, operational testing of Thermostats and associated controls, Bucholtz Devices, Nitrogen Systems, and Fan-Pump Controls. In addition to field testing of these components, we can provide replacements units as well as add on systems such as Inert Air Nitrogen Pressure systems for headspace gas and add on fan cooling packages.

Add On Inert Air Systems

The unit to the left is at a remote substation in a small co-op system. It had a sealed air head space system that had pressure swings leaving the unit with a negative pressure. The utility wanted to maintain the headspace positive and requested an inert air nitrogen system be installed.

As this was an existing transformer, mounting the cabinet was an issue as far as welding brackets on the transformer tank. The method of installation chosen was with a free standing mounting on a concrete pad. The utility hired a contractor to pour the concrete mounting ahead of our arrival. The pad size was determined by IET. The location was recommended by IET based on pictures provided by the utility ahead of time.

Pictures below show the mounting frame as well as the tube connection to the transformer, the grounding of the frames, and the pvc conduit run over to the LTC control cabinet to tie in the heater circuit and the alarm contacts.